Telecommunications and Optic Fibre

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Tecnologiepm participates in the design, predictive subsoil mapping and functional diagnostic works for the laying of optic fibre up to the compilation of as-builts and file updating of databases. We operate in the field of foundation diagnostics and geognostics-seismic evaluation of sites for radio-mobile antennas.

We are therefore an active part of the national working group dedicated to achieving the removal of the digital divide.

We operate with an innovative management process of integrated non-destructive diagnostics, using the following primary use technologies:

  • Multifrequency GPR
  • Electromagnetic-Ferroscanner Induction
  • Radiofrequency Induction
  • Infrared thermography
  • Video Inspection Probes with radiofrequency tracer
  • Acoustic Probes
  • 2D-3D surface topographic survey systems such as laser scanner/photogrammetry/drones
  • Dynamic penetrometers
  • Microtremor sensors
  • MASW seismic sensors
  • Terna Downhole sensors

This one-of-a-kind system is the evolution of an integrated diagnostic system presented by Tecnologiepm at the MCM Verona Fair in 2008, in collaboration with the Architecture Department of the G. D’Annunzio University of Chieti-Pescara.

Furthermore, since 2010 we have been performing 3D diagnostics mapping of subservices and pole-pylon foundations.

The use of non-destructive analysis systems makes it possible to identify foundations geometries, subservice encumbrances in general and specific fibre cable layouts: this avoids excavations, breakages and soil penetration in general.
The result is rapid and precise detection of the characteristics of the subsoil and its contents, with an increase in average daily productivity up to four times the normal. Data in 2D-3D layouts – constantly accessible thanks to online flows – can be exported in the most-used software environments: CAD, GIS, PDF, WORD, EXCEL, ACCESS, KMZ, etc. In addition, there is the important possibility of obtaining structural data concerning, for example: encumbrances of the foundations of poles and pylons; type and distribution of reinforcement surfaces, functional for static-dynamic engineering evaluations of radio base stations.

The series of process innovations implemented by Tecnologiepm translates into an important competitive advantage for our customers: in terms of both increased technological quality and production, and the consequent reduction in timing.