Subsoil Mapping and 2D-3D Subservices

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In the field of subsoil mapping and of the subservices it contains, Tecnologiepm carries out in-depth and targeted analyses by means of an innovative non-invasive and minimally invasive integrated instrumental system.

Activities – managed in real time thanks to proprietary software – use a methodology that calls for the integrated use of multiple diagnostic technologies:

  • Multifrequency GPR
  • Electromagnetic Induction
  • Radiofrequency Induction
  • Infrared thermography
  • Video Inspection Probes with radiofrequency tracer
  • Acoustic Probes
  • Acoustic Probes
  • 2D-3D surface topographic survey systems such as laser scanner/photogrammetry/drones

This one of a kind system allows for the management of data acquired and processed on specific software, developed in-house by our research centre. This results in greater precision in detection of the characteristics of subsoil and its contents (subservices, outlines of archaeological finds, etc.) and an increase in average daily productivity up to four times the normal. The layout data – constantly accessible thanks to online flows – can be exported in the most-used software environments: CAD, GIS, PDF, WORD, EXCEL, ACCESS, KMZ, etc. In addition, there is the important possibility of generating a computerised cadastre of subservices.

The series of process innovations implemented by Tecnologiepm translates into an important competitive advantage for our customers: both in terms of a reduction in the timing of order management, and in economic terms due to the obvious reduction in costs.