Seismic and Geotechnical Diagnostics

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Tecnologiepm is specialized in 2D-3D soil diagnostics, in both static conditions and dynamic conditions.

The following are the main sectors of application identified:

  • Public buildings
  • Private buildings
  • Bridges and infrastructure
  • Assets with artistic-cultural value
  • Antenna and telecommunications pylon sites
  • Cemetery areas
  • Hydrogeologically unstable sites
  • Seismic microzonation

We operate both directly and in collaboration with companies authorised by ministerial decree, in full compliance with the requirements of current industry regulations. The following are the instruments and surveys mainly applied for this purpose:

  • Probes for core borings
  • Penetrometers
  • Soil and rock samplers
  • Dilatometric tests
  • Piezometric checks
  • Execution of seismic analysis of the microtremor, MASW and downhole type
  • Monitoring units

Analysis of the local seismic response is managed on dedicated GIS systems, with the creation of relational and DEM databases that integrate geotechnical and seismic data with a correct geomorphological and topographic analysis derived from the Digital Elevation Model. Data are organised and saved through BIM project interfaces

The geognostic-seismic process – performed in compliance with current regulations – provides for the entering of information on specific sections that frame the problems of the sector in an analytical way: this makes it possible to choose corrective-resolutive systems for each individual area characterised by specific anomalies.

The data network acquired has a high level of reliability, deriving both from the controlled acquisition phase and from the integrated vision of data: this means certainty of geognostic times, which is an important added value for our customers.