Maintenance and Industrial Revamping

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Tecnologiepm operates in the sector of industry 4.0, creating diagnostics, surveys and sensors that aim to facilitate industrial automation with new technologies dedicated to industrial production and management: the goal is to improve working conditions and increase the profitability and production quality of plants.

We operate in the field of predictive maintenance and troubleshooting inside industrial plants through continuous and spot analysis activities. These surveys are completed with colour 3D surveys of what exists, for innovative plant design mapping.

Survey and maintenance activities – which can be carried out both on land and offshore – envisage the use of different technologies for non-destructive mapping and troubleshooting tools:

  • Laser scanners
  • Drones for 3D surveys and video presentations of large plant design lines
  • Multifrequency GPR for non-invasive 2D-3D mapping of subsoil pipelines and artefacts
  • Electromagnetic induction for non-invasive 2D-3D mapping of subsoil pipelines and artefacts
  • Radiofrequency induction for non-invasive 2D-3D mapping of subsoil pipelines and artefacts
  • Video inspection probes with radiofrequency tracer
  • Metal detectors
  • Infrared cameras for leak detection and analysis of improper functioning
  • Geoelectric-seismic technology for leak detection and plant verification in dynamic conditions
  • Acoustic probes and bells, inert tracers, etc. for leak detection
  • Chip sensors associated with micro thermal cameras for continuous analysis of electrical panels with integrated information deriving management and centralised pre-breakage threshold alert
  • Chip sensors with miniaturised and remote-controlled video inspection systems for monitoring and checking the status of service lines and conduits in tunnels, smart service cavities, manholes, etc.

Survey data of plant design and structural and fault management databases are managed on customisable software for the customer’s needs: this occurs through the interaction between chip sensors – including wirelessly – and data analysis units.

Our predictive maintenance application methodology is based on the creation of relational databases that implement both breakage record cards and 2D-3D mapping of plants. In this way we obtain an analysis based on engineered models of plants, which allows adaptability and customisation of the service.

The following are the main sectors of application identified:

  • Petrochemical
  • Oil production-extraction
  • Distributive oil (fuel pumps and temporary storage sites)
  • Hydro-hydroelectric service
  • Gas network service
  • Industrial production sector

The innovative typology of surveys carried out by our pool of experts – together with management on dedicated information systems – gives a high level of certainty of captured and processed information, while data acquisition times are considerably reduced, even in the presence of medium-high risk sites.
The software created for the customer company generates a database containing a panel of information (maintenance/assembly/disassembly/breakage cards/maintenance interventions, 2D-3D plant sketching, etc.) which becomes the plant’s digital ID card, complete with numerical and alphanumeric information

The 2D-3D surveys developed by Tecnologiepm make it possible to remove plants – or parts of them – in a coded and georeferenced way: it will then be possible to reposition and/or rebuild them on other sites, or proceed with reclamation activities.

Together with an innovative and integrated diagnostic process, the technologies in use make it possible to detect both industrial fluid leaks and malfunctions of electrical panels and of the most stressed mechanical parts. Furthermore, the placement of sensors on the entire production line defines a continuous monitoring network which makes the replacement of some components programmable, to the full benefit of the plant’s average life. In this way, maintenance interventions become more effective and focused, to the extent of allowing the warrant on plants and/or parts of them to be extended: this results in a significant reduction in plant management costs, as well as the reduction of insurance costs.

In the field of application of augmented reality to industrial security, Tecnologiepm performs simulations of interventions on medium and high risk areas, through use of three-dimensional modelling of industrial sites and/or parts of them. In this way, specific training courses can be organised in which individual activities will be reproduced with augmented reality headsets in a context very similar to reality, but in the absence of risk: the result is a net increase in the degree of safety of activities in the workplace.

Investment in the activities and processes described generates considerable savings in the management and proper functioning of plants, as well as preventing heavy diseconomies deriving from environmental pollution.