Leak Detection and Subservice Network Engineering

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With its own pool of technicians and qualified professionals, Tecnologiepm carries out leak and breakdown detection activities inside industrial and utility plants in urban and extra-urban areas.

We have extensive experience in the sector: we have carried out leak detection and mapping of water lines on over 1,000 km in urban areas.
Our instrumentation – implemented in a determined diagnostic process – use strictly non-invasive technology:

  • Infrared thermography
  • Acoustic probes and loggers
  • Multifrequency GPR
  • Video inspection systems
  • Electrosensitive gas probes

Furthermore, our team performs the mapping of networks and infrastructures, complete with modelling and engineering on 3D software. This activity has proved to be particularly effective in water and sewage utilities, in the gas and telecommunications sectors, as well as in analysis of the seal of pipe rack and/or fuel tank coatings.
Analysis is integrated by several teams that share information and data acquired on an online server: in this way, correlation of multiple points of presumed leakage is established in real time. In this way it is possible to divide the areas with the highest incidence of leakages into districts: detection interventions are faster and more certain, with consequent optimisation of the investment of our customers. Leakage data management becomes a predictive maintenance system, in line with industry 4.0 processes

The following are the main sectors of application identified:

  • City and regional utilities
  • Industrial sites
  • Water reserve areas – Dams

It is worth noting that leak detection – carried out with our expertise and technologies – involves a direct economic benefit, plus a series of indirect benefits: management of road surface landslides following water and sewage leaks, contamination of drinking water, environmental pollution from highly dangerous chemicals, etc.
We are structured to provide personnel training and technological know-how transfer at companies and state-owned companies in order to create mappings and medium and long-term subservice network management