Diagnostic for Enviromental Recovery

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Our ten-year experience in the field of environmental analysis is characterised by the activity of non-destructive diagnostics realised with innovative technologies.

The following are the main sectors of application identified:

  • Industrial sites and factories
  • Sites for specific activities in the petrochemical sector
  • Areas dedicated to fuel distribution activities
  • Urban and extra-urban roads, affected by the passage of cables having an effect on the recovery of metals and construction of new infrastructures

The following are the technologies that our certified technicians apply in an integrated way:

  • Multifrequency GPR
  • Magnetometers
  • Seismic reflection
  • 2D and 3D geoelectrics
  • Video inspection systems with radiofrequency tracer
  • Infrared thermography
  • Precision laser scanner surveys
  • Acoustic systems

On the basis of two-dimensional and three-dimensional georeferenced models resulting from non-invasive surveys, we first establish the areas to be examined. The perimeters of the areas from which to take direct samples to be subjected to chemical laboratory analysis are then identified.

Tecnologiepm has implemented specific software for the management of information acquired from individual tests, which will populate tomographic analysis of the site in question: this gives a precise map of hazard/risk and areas of priority intervention.

Our activity is an innovative service for companies specialised in the design and reclamation of polluted sites, with numerous benefits:

  • Fast and effective anamnesis of the problem
  • Definition of extension of the polluted site, and related reclamation costs
  • Establishment of a survey grid, with evidence of the areas most affected compared with healthy areas or those with lower pollution intensity
  • Indirect measurements of depth of pollutant presence, and of its possible transmission from soils to groundwater

The examination performed by our technicians thus makes it possible to:

  • Obtain clear information and diagnostic certainty, in a short time
  • Formulate risk analysis and related reclamation/redevelopment costs
  • Avoid the spread of critical issues and acquisition of future development sites characterised by pollutants, with obvious economic benefits

In recent years, Tecnologiepm’s specific activity has been applied in the environmental recovery of copper cables. This activity is very advantageous, not only for the recovery of metals, but above all for the business connected to fibre cabling of the main national backbones.

We have set up a process that makes it possible to:

  • Detect and map copper cables in georeferenced mode that are no longer active, and related connections now in disuse
  • Proceed with the extraction – by third parties – of brownfield infrastructures
  • Activate a double business: recover direct materials (copper, lead, etc.) and proceed with simultaneous threading of optic fibre micro-tubes in place of the recovered copper cable.