Building and 2D-3D Diagnostics

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Tecnologiepm is specialised in two-dimensional and three-dimensional non-destructive diagnostics: we carry out surveying and geotechnical-seismic-engineering modelling, performed with the aid of many non-destructive innovative instruments.

The following are the main sectors of application identified:

  • Public buildings
  • Private buildings
  • Bridges and infrastructure
  • Assets with artistic-cultural value
  • Cemetery areas
  • Hydrogeologically unstable sites

To manage the vast amount of information acquired from non-destructive and minimally invasive surveys on existing buildings (public, private and/or of architectural-cultural interest), we have created a relational database defined by:

  • Preventive 3D modeling of the structures under analysis, performed with laser scanner-drone-photogrammetry-lidar-interferometry technology
  • Execution of non-invasive analyses and direct surveys
  • Database entering of the multiple information acquired: on structure, type of load-bearing skeleton, mass of load-bearing brick-stone or rocky bodies/soil
  • Verification of the presence of metallic elements and/or anomalies
  • Detection of thermal bridges for identifying closed wall portions and/or cavities that are not directly visible
  • Reconstruction of a building for which there was no direct information, in both architectural and structural-engineering/geotechnical terms. All this, in both static and seismic-dynamic conditions

The areal and volumetric scope of the survey, together with the speed of acquisition and management of technical data and 3D modelling of the structure, speed up survey activity with a high level of knowledge.

The needs for intervention and related costs are estimated and provided to the customer in a reliable manner, and in a short time.

The data can also be used for both a Computerised System of the heritage being analysed – in order to create efficient seismic, geotechnical and stratigraphic zoning – and generation of Territorial Information Systems for management of hydrogeological risk, and for the codification of buildings to be renovated in individual municipalities and/or regions