Appraisal and Diagnostic Interventions for Private Individuals

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Our company operates with qualified personnel in the sector of non-destructive diagnostics with high technological value, providing assistance to technical engineers, architects, surveyors and appraisers appointed both by the court and by insurance companies and private individuals.

Tecnologiepm also works with private individuals directly, providing special survey services: appraisals and diagnostics inherent to leak detection, analysis of soil-building instability, verification of humidity and thermal bridges, analysis of subsidence and disputes with third parties.

Our particular propensity for using non-invasive or minimally invasive instruments constitutes the distinctive element of the services we offer our customers. Management of diagnostic activity by means of a database dedicated to individual intervention allows us to define guaranteed analysis times, which is matched by contained survey costs that are proportionate to the high degree of diagnostic technology used.

The data is thus extrapolated and correctly organised in layouts that are useful both for identifying the problem(s) of the site and for allowing technical and legal consultants to proceed with the certainty of identifying problems and possible co-responsibility.

Diagnostic activity calls for the integrated use of several diagnostic technologies:

  • Multifrequency GPR
  • Ferroscanners
  • Electromagnetic induction
  • Radiofrequency induction
  • Infrared thermography
  • Video inspection probes with radiofrequency tracer
  • Acoustic probes
  • Sensors for geoelectric analysis for the detection of fluid infiltrations by groundwater
  • Sensors for measurement of local vibrations
  • Robotic analysis for video inspection
  • 2D-3D surface topographic survey systems such as laser scanner/photogrammetry/drones

Layout data – constantly accessible thanks to online flows – can be exported in the most-used software environments: CAD, GIS, PDF, WORD, EXCEL, ACCESS, KMZ, etc.

The series of process innovations implemented by Tecnologiepm translates into an important competitive advantage for our customers – both in terms of reducing the time required to manage orders and in economic terms – because of the greater degree of diagnostic certainty and the consequent resolution of problems and critical issues.