About Us

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TECNOLOGIEPM is a company made up of highly specialised professionals in the field of research services, development of technological innovation applied to non-destructive diagnostics and subsoil mapping.

We have twenty years of market experience, successfully supporting the growth and development of our customers’ production and organisational processes.

Our mission is closely linked to optimising the efficiency of diagnostic processes and of non-destructive two-dimensional and three-dimensional surveys. Our services improve the quality and acquisition times for data collected, with a consequent reduction of costs for our customers.

We continuously invest in research and development: in terms of both technological instrumentation and process innovation; we own management software that implements flows of data collected from and to the customer.

All this allows us to transfer a qualitative and temporal advantage in meeting requests and solving critical issues that are entrusted to us: we offer non-invasive and precise analyses, in a short time and with certain and easily usable results.